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Know How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is a great social media platform for professionals to connect and find more opportunities to grow. It finds you your clique and explores new avenues of your career path. Thus, you need to make a carefully curated brand image that sells you. It might be the most modest thing to do, but it is required in this competitive world. With a good profile, you stand out from your peers and competitors and can grow more within your chosen network.

LinkedIn Optimization is to update your profile to the buzzing keywords and trends that will make it easier for employers and clients to discover you. Say it is putting up your brand image on every TV channel and social media platform advertisement. Opening up your brand and maintaining it to the current trends will increase your network and visibility on the app. You can also use this to put forward your ideas and content about your work to attract more attention to it. All these can go a long when it comes to your professional profile.

Why is it important to Optimize a LinkedIn Profile?

It might seem like a tedious task with nothing much in return. But here is where you are wrong. Many people have admitted to finding their current jobs through LinkedIn and even more, employers are on the lookout for their next candidate on this site. It provides a rich ground for professionals to find their people, maybe it is to hire someone or get hired. And with the new features that enhance your skills and optimizes job searches, it is an even more appreciated app.

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But How Does It Exactly Help You Boost Your Professional Options?

  • Increases your search appearances- Optimizing your LinkedIn profile will keep you on the radar of anyone looking for someone in your field or with your skills. You will be the first one to pop up in their search and their minds for that position.
  • Builds network- Networking is one of the prime functions of LinkedIn. With this, you can connect any and all of your fields. May it be the first bencher from your college or your professional idol, everyone is just a click away.
  • Easy for recruiters- If you are on the radar of people who look for your skills, then obviously people who want to hire someone like you too will find you easily. It becomes easy when you look for a job. And with the use of some of the features, you can optimize your job hunt.
  • Content visibility- Everyone wants to be heard. May it be your plea for a job or a promotion, LinkedIn optimization will have a greater reach among your peers and their peers. Thus, spreading the word has never been easier
  • Personal brand- Enterprises spends millions on building a good brand image. As a professional, you must maintain a good brand image as well. So, take control in your hands and portray yourself how you want to see.
  • Get more clients- Running a business is not easy. With the use of correct tools, it can be easier. LinkedIn can help spread the word about you with an optimized profile. People looking for your services will find you easily.

Top Tips To Optimize LinkedIn Profile

Here are some tips that our experts have suggested to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

  • Add a professional profile photo- This makes you more visible and proves that you are not a bot! Having a smiling photo will make you look warm and approachable but also make sure it is professional with no Snapchat filter. Try not to be too aesthetic or use a blurry photo either. This is the first impression your potential client or employer will get of you. Reports say that you are 14X more likely to be found with a profile photo.
  • Complete your profile- The more details you give, the easier it is for people to know you. Statistics have shown when you have a completely optimized profile, it increases your chances to be discovered by 40 times. You would want to add all your education and professional milestones with the description and profile picture. Also, use keywords that you want to be related to you.
  • Have a background image- Many people avoid this as it seems minuscule. But changes the look of your profile completely. Showcase what you stand for, your vision, and your initials, it can be customized to anything. Having a background image gives a glimpse into your personality.
  • Describe yourself- This might seem like overkill, but an optimized summary will get the attention of the right people. Try to use the keywords that you want to be associated with you. But try to steer clear of the ones that have been overused. Most employers are tired of seeing the same catchphrase keywords that are trending. You can use relevant keywords.
  • Get references- There is a feature where you can get recommendations from your network. Ask your colleagues or superiors to drop a few words. This makes your profile more authentic and legit. This will surely gain the trust of any potential employer or client.
  • Share your experience- Like any other social media; the best way to be visible is to be active. Post, like, comment and share as much as you can. Interact with your networks and give them an opportunity to interact with you. At the end of the day, that is the best way to optimize your profile.
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No-Go's for Linked Optimization

On the other side of the coin are the things that you should not do on LinkedIn. So, here is how not to do LinkedIn profile optimization-

  • Do not add an inappropriate profile picture- You want to seem approachable but not unprofessional. Keep your Facebook or Tinder profile pictures away from your LinkedIn.
  • Neglect the inbox- Networking will not give you much fruition if you do not reap the benefits of it.
  • Lie about your skills- It is easy to add skills that you might not have in real life but once you are caught red-handed your profile will be tarnished for its lies.

LinkedIn Optimization Key Highlights

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