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Temporary Graduate Visa 485: The Pathway For International Students To Stay In Australia

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Planning to stay back in Australia after finishing your studies in the Country? Do you have an idea what type of Visa you require for the same? Well, a temporary graduate Visa, i.e., subclass 485 Visa, is required if you wish to stay back in Australia after completing your studies in the Country. Want to know more about this Visa along with the eligibility requirements of the same? Take a quick look at this blog post and get all the information you want!

485 Visa: What Is Visa 485?

A 485 Visa, also known as Temporary Graduate Visa, is one of the popular ways for all international students to stay in Australia even after completing their studies. 485 Visa Australia has been specially designed to provide students with a smooth transition from their status of student to a skilled worker in the Country. There is a 485 Visa fee that all applicants have to pay, and that is 1730 A$.

Along with this, you must understand that there are multiple streams in the category of Visa 485. Let’s get to know what these categories are:

  • 485 Graduate Visa Stream
  • Post Study Workstream
  • Second Post-Study Work Stream
  • Replacement Stream
Category Description
485 Graduate Visa   This stream allows recently graduated students who possess the right skills and match the demand in Australia to work and study in the Country for up to 10 months. This Visa will cost you 1730 Australian Dollars and will also allow your family members to come along with you.
Post Study workstream   This stream has been designed for students that have graduated from an Australian university and temporarily allows you to study, work and live in the Country. The stay period for the same is around two to four years with the help of this Visa. The application fee for the same remains the same as the graduate Visa stream.
Second Post-Study Work Stream   You are applicable for this Visa stream only when you are a temporary graduate Visa 485 holder. Along with this, you should also be a graduate in the regional area from an Australian University. The stay period you are allowed on this Visa is around one to two years, and this one is much more affordable, with a fee of 680 Australian Dollars.
Replacement Stream   This stream is for the former holders of the temporary Visa and is only provided to those who have lost their original Visa application due to Covid restrictions. The stay limit for this one is around 18 months to 5 years, according to the previous one you had.
Categories Of Temporary Graduate 485 Visa

485 Visa Requirements: Eligibility Criteria To Get Your Temporary Graduate Visa 485

There are certain 485 Visa requirements that are to be fulfilled by the students in order to apply for the same. Let’s have a look at what these requirements are:

  • The one applying for the Visa should be below the age of 50.
  • They should have an eligible Visa in order to apply for a 485 Visa.
  • The candidate should be a Visa holder for at least six months and more.
  • They should have completed a course registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students.
  • Candidate should be working in one single stream as switching is not possible after you apply for the Visa.
  • Should have all the evidence required in order to apply for the Visa.
Processing Time For Visa
What Is The Processing Time For Visa 485?

Can I Apply For 485 Visa Without IELTS?

If you are wondering how can we apply for the Visa without receiving an IELTS score then, here is what you need to know:

It is important for you to fulfill the Visa 485 Ielts requirements. The applicants of the same should also be proficient in the English language. The language requirements should be at least 6 in each one of the categories of IELTS, an appropriate score in TOEFL or PTE score for 485 Visa requirements.

Along with this, there is also a requirement for 485 Visa health insurance. Applicants for the Visa are supposed to provide the authorities with evidence in which they declare that they have purchased an OSHC i.e. Overseas Student Health Cover or a document stating that they have been exempted from such a requirement. Speaking about OSHC, then, it is a form of health insurance that provides coverage for an individual’s medical and hospital expenses as they study in Australia.

485 Visa New Rules: Updated Rules To Grab Your Visa In 2023

Extended Post-study Work Visa

The updated rules for post-study work rights that are graduating with the required qualifications from an Australian education institution are listed below.

  • These updated 485 Visa requirements are valid from 1 July 2023 and will have rights increased to 6 years for doctoral degrees plus one additional year in regional areas, five years for masters degrees plus one additional year in regional areas, four years in bachelor’s degree plus one additional year in regional areas.
  • An additional two years have been granted to areas where there is a shortage of skills, like health, engineering, teaching, and agriculture.

Temporary Graduate Visa 485: Changes Made For Higher Education Students

The government is planning to enhance the 485 Visa extension in order to strengthen the availability of skilled labor in Australia. They are going to increase the stay by several degrees, including:

  • Two to four years for selective Bachelor courses
  • 3 to 5 years for a selected list of Masters courses
  • Four to six years for selected Ph.D. courses

In addition to this, students holding a temporary graduate Visa 485 who failed to travel to the Country due to Covid 19 are eligible to apply for a replacement Visa. In usual circumstances, the candidates applying for this Visa can only get one chance to avail of the same and get no chance of applying for a 485 replacement visa.

If your 485 Visa application was in process during travel restrictions, you would now have the eligibility to apply for another subclass 485 Visa. All you have to do is take the Visa 485 checklist into consideration and apply with keeping all requirements in mind.

Importance of IELTS for Visa 485
Why IELTS Is Important?

485 Post-study Work Visa: What To Do After The Visa Expires

Wondering, after 485 Visa expires, what to do? We have just the right answer! If your Visa expires, you will have to apply for another temporary graduate Visa. Now, there is a criterion that you need to follow:

  • Ensure to plan six months before you reapply.
  • Make sure that you have a clear record and have passed graduation or whatever course you were studying in Australia.
  • You do not come under the category of reapplying if you have completed your studies in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney.
  • The immigration authority gives you a choice if you wish to select a one-year or two-year second Visa. You can have a look at the categories from the official site and understand more about them.

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